Knockout.js JavaScript Framework Demo Application

Sat down last night and taught myself enough of Knockout.js (one of those newfangled JavaScript MVC frameworks) to make a simple web app.

Knockout.js Demo App Screenshot

My initial impression is positive. I’m still figuring out some of the trickier aspects of how to manage bindings. But I’m genuinely impressed by how easy it is to handle coding stuff like item lists and forms once you’ve got the hang of the markup. For all the complex stuff it’s doing behind the scenes, it seems fairly lightweight as JavaScript frameworks go, at least as far as I can tell.

The application otherwise uses IndexedDB to provide a simple backend/storage mechanism. Twitter Bootstrap, as is usual for me these days, is my go-to solution whenever I don’t feel like messing around with styles.

The sample app can be viewed live here. The code’s up on GitHub, naturally.

Knockout isn’t the only thing I’ve been working with these days. Hopefully I’ll have something else to talk about soon.