Postmortem: grawlix v1.0.6

Profanity is an odd beast. Practically everyone knows it when they see it; but the more you try to break down exactly makes certain words obscene and others not, the harder it becomes to explain. As fast as language evolves and changes, there’s only one thing you can be certain of: somewhere, there’s always someone […]

Sundered Seas Megagame Map – A Node.js Web Application

Link to the GitHub repository So here’s something I’ve been meaning to share for a while. Back in January, I signed up to part of the control team for the Cleveland Megagame Council‘s annual event. What’s a megagame? Imagine a board game that involves over 40 different players with about 5-6 controllers riding herd over […]

Writershaming FAQ: how to use writershaming

Hello! This is the basic “how to use my site” document for writershaming. Now, I know that all the cool kids are making demonstration videos for this sort of thing these days… but frankly, I don’t have the time to make one and you don’t have the time to watch it. We’re supposed to be […]

Writershaming FAQ: Permissions

Facebook Why do you need access to my email address? Twitter Why do you need to read tweets from my timeline / see who I follow? Why do you need access to my email address? [Facebook Accounts] I’m asking for this information just in case there’s some sort of technical glitch or failure and I […]

Knockout.js JavaScript Framework Demo Application

Sat down last night and taught myself enough of Knockout.js (one of those newfangled JavaScript MVC frameworks) to make a simple web app. My initial impression is positive. I’m still figuring out some of the trickier aspects of how to manage bindings. But I’m genuinely impressed by how easy it is to handle coding stuff […]

Simple Java Template Engine

(I’m not quite sure where to put the link to the GitHub repository, so let’s just put it up here and be done with it, shall we?) So I recently (as in, just now) finished up a small side project that was requested by a company I applied for a job with. They basically wanted […]