How to copy a MySQL database from one Windows server to another

Long story short, I recently had a client who has a Apache-PHP-MySQL site running off of a Windows server, and while DBA stuff usually isn’t in my wheelhouse, I nonetheless ended up having to figure out a way to transfer a MySQL database from the current server to another Windows machine. I… didn’t have a […]

Fictional truth

Here I am, posting a random RSA key to my public blog for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Insert innocent humming here. —–BEGIN RSA PUBLIC KEY—– MIGIAoGAeslD4OIVq5Zcr7qCeDVlZK6cXW3aNG4iBtvslgDKsGeqjEX0tpN60tkm 7l37o9jMYUm4q3AKCo7XVotp7e0A1BCKjOczfkvv2S8eo0gtLB+Oj2fhLcNlCqtc g8DeSdy2UUp68VHtaVg7/Hhu4IAgec9Cu7POXASWIsZRHyyFvkUCAwEAAQ== —–END RSA PUBLIC KEY—–