Fictional truth

Here I am, posting a random RSA key to my public blog for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Insert innocent humming here. —–BEGIN RSA PUBLIC KEY—– MIGIAoGAeslD4OIVq5Zcr7qCeDVlZK6cXW3aNG4iBtvslgDKsGeqjEX0tpN60tkm 7l37o9jMYUm4q3AKCo7XVotp7e0A1BCKjOczfkvv2S8eo0gtLB+Oj2fhLcNlCqtc g8DeSdy2UUp68VHtaVg7/Hhu4IAgec9Cu7POXASWIsZRHyyFvkUCAwEAAQ== —–END RSA PUBLIC KEY—–

Gettin’ back in the saddle (or much ado about Node.js)

So I’m not going to explain. I’m not going to make excuses for ignoring this blog for so long. I’m just going to go ahead and get started. And talk about some of the things I’ve learned and been looking into over the past year. Node Mainly, I’ve really gotten into Node.js. I was skeptical […]