Knockout Extension: Hidden Binding

Just realized I can’t even find the basic hidden binding anywhere online (except in CoffeeScript, for some reason.) For eff’s sake, guys. Direct link to gist (And yes, I could quite easily remove the jQuery dependency, were I not lazy. But since pretty much everything I’ve been working on for at least a year has […]

Knockout Extension: Bootstrap Form Group State

Have been meaning to clean something like this up and share it for a while. There seems to be a lack of Knockout.js extensions online these days. The curse of a stable codebase that’s no longer the latest/greatest thing, I guess. Anyway, since it feels like I must’ve rewritten this same code half-a-dozen times now, […]

Late-Night Hacking Gist

Let’s see if I can embed the Gist here (in case I can’t, here’s the direct link): (Can’t really take credit for this, though. Got it off of someone on StackExchange. I’ll link to the post if I still have it open in one of my… eleven open browser windows. But at the moment, I’m […]