Knockout Extension: Bootstrap Form Group State

Have been meaning to clean something like this up and share it for a while. There seems to be a lack of Knockout.js extensions online these days. The curse of a stable codebase that’s no longer the latest/greatest thing, I guess. Anyway, since it feels like I must’ve rewritten this same code half-a-dozen times now, […]

Postmortem: grawlix v1.0.6

Profanity is an odd beast. Practically everyone knows it when they see it; but the more you try to break down exactly makes certain words obscene and others not, the harder it becomes to explain. As fast as language evolves and changes, there’s only one thing you can be certain of: somewhere, there’s always someone […]

Late-Night Hacking Gist

Let’s see if I can embed the Gist here (in case I can’t, here’s the direct link): (Can’t really take credit for this, though. Got it off of someone on StackExchange. I’ll link to the post if I still have it open in one of my… eleven open browser windows. But at the moment, I’m […]